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Tiny is ordering a pizza and cant decide between a round pizza with a diameter of 4 inches or a rectangular pizza that is 12 inches by 14 inches. The round pizza is 9.50 and the rectangular pizza is 10.00.
Which is larger?
How much larger is it?
Which pizza is the better buy according to the price per inch?
Suzie doesn't like crust on the pizza. Which pizza hes the least crust?

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    I am not a teacher, but want to be one, and you don't have to believe my answer. I am a student that really loves math and it comes easy to me.

    rectangular pizza is larger by 155.44 in.
    rectangular is the better buy

    If each pizza has one inch of crust on the edges.
    rectangular pizza crust- 25 in.
    circular pizza crust- 9.42 in.
    considering the size of the pizzas the rectangular one would have less. More than half of the circular pizza would be crust.

    rectangular pizza area- 168 in.
    circular pizza area- 12.56 in.

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