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Calulate the degree of ionization for NH3(aq) in 1.0 M solution, Kb = 3.236E-4. I've seen degree ionization for acids and not bases. Do I need to find the Ka [H+] value of the base to determine the degree of ionization?

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    No, it's the same concept as %ionization for acids. Set up an ICE chart for NH3
    ..........NH3 + H2O ==> NH4^+ + OH^-

    Then calculate OH^- and
    % ionization = (OH^-)/(1.0)*100 = ?
    The degree of ionization is the fraction (the decimal) instead of percent.

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    calculate the degree of ionization of a 0.05F solution of lactic acid.

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    if a monoprotic acid,HX, is 3.8% percent ionized in a 0.2F solution,calculate its ionization constant.What is the percentage ionizationof this acid in a 0.01F solution?

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