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Writeacher, what time is in your country now? I really need you to check my last sentence. I hope you are not too busy with your grandchildren.
Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

1) In particular, we may be interested in two different types of two-week courses: one for students, whose level usually ranges from low intermediate to upper intermediate; and one for those Italian teachers (especially science, history, and arts teachers) who will have to teach their subject in English in two years' time and usually have a low intermediate knowledge of the language.
2) Why is the sentence "Write to me soon" possible whereas "As I wrote to you" is a mistake?

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    Hi, Henry ~ It's about 5:30 pm (CST) here right now! Grandkids are all safely at home and so's their mom!!

    1) OK

    2) Why is the sentence "Write to me soon" possible whereas "As I wrote to you" is a mistake?
    Those are not expressing the same thoughts.
    "Write to me soon" is usually put at the end of a letter or email. It's a way to wind things up.

    "As I wrote to you" is better phrased without "to" -- and it's usually used as introductory to reminding the addressee what you had discussed/written about before.

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