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What better time to kiss the Blarney Stone than March! Help your readers plan a trip to Ireland by writing a travel article with interesting facts about the country

My Facts: Want a trip to Ireland? Well you should go because there is a lor of amazing interesting facts about Ireland. The 3 most famous symbols in Irealnd are the green Shamrock,the harp,and the Celtic cross. The St.Patrick's Day is celebrated in Ireland on March 17 which is a national holiday and a feast day. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and on March 17 everyone gathers around Dublin to witness it. Ireland's nickname is Emerald Isle cause of how much green there is. It's also known as Celtic Tiger cause the place grows fast?

Is there any more good facts I should add? Or any websites I could visit to find some?

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    This is my favorite travel site.


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    Thanks! Are the rest of my information ok?

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    Yes, your facts are good.

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