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I'm in 5th grade and here's my question:
I have to write which fraction represents the ratio of corresponding sides? There are 2 triangles. One triangle has the measurements 3in., 9in. and 6in. The other triangle is 18in., 54in. and 36in.
Thank you.

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    the sides of the larger are in the ratio 18/3 = 54/9 = 36/6

    That ratio is 6:1 or 6/1

    if you compare the smaller to the larger, that would be 1/6

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    3:18 9:54 and 6:36

    Notice how you have to multiply the first number by 6 to get the second number.

    Hope this helps!

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    That's easy 3:18
    So the ratio of them is 6/1 or 6

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