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1. What was the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and according to them who was to survive?

2. How did John the Baptist convert people?

I will post my answers in just a sec.

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    1. The Dead Sea Scrolls contains a vast collection of Jewish documents written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and encompassing many subjects and literary styles.This is significant for archaeology. They include manuscripts or fragments of every book in the Hebrew Bible except the Book of Esther, all of them formed nearly one thousand years earlier than any previously known biblical manuscripts. The scrolls also contain the earliest existing biblical observations, on the Book of Habakkuk, and many other writings, among them religious works pertaining to Jewish sects of the time.

    2. I think by dunking them in the water.

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    Are those correct? Thank to any and all help

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    Yes, your answers are right. Can you put the Dead Sea Scrolls answer in your own words?

    John the Baptist was also a preacher.

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    Yep. Do you want me to post it? That was just what I had from that one site I went to. I am rewriting it right now.

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    You don't have to repost it if you know that you understand what you've written.

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    Okay. I appreciate you help Ms. Sue. ☺

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    You're welcome, Running.

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