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Chem 2

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Which of the following has the highest buffer capacity?
A. 0.10M H2PO4-/0.10M HPO4 2-
B. 0.50M H2PO4-/0.10M HPO4 2-
C. 0.10M H2PO4-/0.50M HPO4 2-
D. 0.50M H2PO4-/0.50M HPOr 2-
E. They all have the same buffer capacity.

Double checking I believe C is the right answer.

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    No. This is not the same post as before. The other one was carbonate/bicarbonate. This is dihydrogen phosphate/monohydrogen phosphate.
    C doesn't have the a ratio of 1.0 does it. Nope. Can't be right when there are two others listed that do have a ratio of 1.0. And you pick the one with the highest concn for the highest buffer capacity.

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