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Thank you, Writeacher. I left out these other sentences. Can you please check them?
I left out these other sentences.

1)Macbeth urges her husband to put on his nightgown and pretend he has just awakened.
2)She wanted to defeat her main rival: Spain.
3)She could do this when she destroyed the Spanish fleet because her navy was made up of smaller, faster ships armed with long-range guns.
4)She urges him to wash his hands and to take back the bloody daggers to the king's chamber by telling him that dead people (not "persons") are like pictures feared only by children.
5)A revenge tragedy has many characteristics. First, a sexual or violent crime is committed against a family member of the hero. Second, there are many scenes of bloody acts (better: action) and several deaths occur in the play. … Hamlet is a revenge tragedy because it respects (better: contains) all these features.
6)The Spanish Invincible Armada made up of heavy and slow ships attacked the English ships but the latter eventually prevailed over the former.

  • English -

    4 - ... to take the bloody daggers back to the king's ...

    "by" is incorrect in this sentence.

    5 - ... several bloody scenes and several deaths ... (Delete "occur in the play")

    "contains" is correct, yes - "respects" is incorrect.

    6 - Delete either "Spanish" or "Invincible" -- don't have both in the sentence.

    3 commas needed

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