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chem 2

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which one of the following pairs of 0.100 mol L-1 solutions, when mixed will produce a buffer solution?
a 50. mL of aquesous CH3COOH and 25.mL of aquesous HCI
b 50. mL of quesous CH3COOH and 100. mL of aqueous NaOH
c 50. mL of aquesous NaOH and 25. mL of aqueous HCI
d 50. mL of aqueous CH3COONa and 25.mL of aquesous NaOH
e 50.mL of aqueous CH3COOH and 25.mL of aqueous CH3COONa

Thanks for any help....

  • chem 2 -

    Please use the same name for your posts.

    You've posted 5 chemistry questions under different names in the last 20 minutes.

    What are you trying to hide?

  • chem 2 -

    See your other posts under difference screen names. You don't get answers faster; in fact you get answers slower when you use different screen names. We can help better when we can follow the thread.

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