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ms. sue can u please tell me about noah's flood. exactly what it was and how it got thought of to make fossils?

i get bits and pieces of information like how species get buried in flood. (sediment) but my sister and i look at all sites and they not tell how fossils came to be.

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    I told you about the story of Noah and the flood. The only creatures that survived the flood, according to the stories, were the ones on Noah's boat.

    I also told you that fossils were dead animals whose skeletons were preserved in mud that later turned to rock.

    Creationists believe that two of all living animals were saved by Noah and God. Therefore, creationists believe that fossils of other creatures aren't real. They believe that there were no dinosaurs and other ancient animals.

  • Biology - ms. sue -

    Some geologists believe that a giant sudden flood did take place when a deep valley that is now the Mediteranean Sea opened to the Atlantic Ocean near the Straits of Gibraltar. The oceans were rising then (about 5 million years ago) because of an ice age then ending. It flooded the Anatolian plateau, but not Mt. Ararat. The Black Sea, which had been a lake, suddenly became saltwater.

  • Biology - ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue and drwls.

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