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can you correct that for me pleas?
Have you ever sat in a classroom and observed the conversational styles of the students? Nowadays many people flying to another language because several reasons such as study , business, or even Tourism. However, When they travel to face difficulties such culture and customs . The most significant things we should consider before travel to the foreign country is the language . Furthermore, you will see There are remarkable similarities between conversational styles in your native language and your second language ; For example, using body language, taking turns and has the ability to respect the other party and win the other party's confidence.

As a matter of fact, Body language is an important part of communication which can interpret our internal emotions and feeling. Body movement in Arabic similar greatly with English . For instance, Bored and Relaxed body language . Just as the body language in the middle east can display the different from what they're thinking or feeling and what they say, it has the ability to illustrate the negative motion in English.

Moreover,Everybody now Know about Speech etiquette . The first important point to learn about this etiquette is to listen . In addition, exchanging turn is makes the conversational more interesting . Whereas poor conversationalists interrupt each other in Arabic , good communicators take turns in English. in Addition , just as stay silent without a word when you meet with people, but he shared talking has a negative effect and make people misunderstand you in Arabic , In English exchange the communicators is good way to be more polite .

Art talk with the other offers your character and the inside of behaviors .Many people who only talk to you can understand what they mean by using body language , good behavior . We can resolve this problem by studying etiquette speech between the two countries.

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    Have you proofed this yourself? I find it difficult to believe so.

    Why are so may words capitalized? Take this sentence...

    <Art talk with the other offers your character and the inside of behaviors>

    It makes no sense. Reread your writing, sentence by sentence. I am fairly certain you can do better than this.

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