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A mass m1 = 18.7 kg on a frictionless ramp is attached to a light string. The string passes over a frictionless pulley and is attached to a hanging mass m2. The ramp is at an angle of θ = 23.7° above the horizontal. m1 moves up the ramp uniformly (at constant speed). Find the value of m2.

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    Let tension in string = T

    m2 g = T since there is no acceleration

    now draw forces on m1 up and down ramp

    T = up ramp force
    m1 g sin 23.7 = force down ramp

    net force up ramp = m1 a = 0
    T = m1 g sin 23.7

    m2 g = m1 g sin 23.7
    m2 = m1 sin 23.7

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    unit of measurement required??? waht is answer exactly of m2??

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    mass of m1 is given in kg
    so m2 is in kg
    now I am sure you can do 18.7 * sin 23.7

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    thanks a lotttttttt

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