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"Part 1: Write an exploratory essay in which you compare and contrast online learning with classroom (on-ground) learning. Your evaluation may include preparation time, rewards, pitfalls, etc. You may select the features that you want to compare and contrast.
• Using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that follows APA guidelines and includes a thesis statement for your exploratory essay.
Part 2: Develop evidence that supports your thesis statement by doing some initial research.
Using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that follows APA guidelines and includes:
• Three or more academic sources listed as full citations in an APA style Reference list.
• An introductory paragraph.
• Your thesis statement from Part 1.
• One double spaced paragraph in correct APA-style that acts as support for your thesis statement and uses information from at least one of the sources on your Reference List. The use of sources must be correctly documented through APA-style in-text citations.
Part 3: Develop supporting body paragraphs, emphasizing unity and coherence. These body paragraphs will utilize your research to support your thesis statement. You will combine all work completed so far into a rough draft submission.
Using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that follows APA guidelines and includes:
• An introductory paragraph that incorporates your thesis statement (Parts 1 and 2).
• Three to five supporting body paragraphs and any appropriate in-text citations (Part 2).
• A concluding paragraph.
• Your reference list (Part 2) on a separate, final page. The reference list should have three sources.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    i need help start off this paragraph.

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