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Algebra 2

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find all the zeros of the polynomial function
F(x)= x^4+4x^3-6x^2-36x-27

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    There are websites that solve such root-finding questions automatically, but they are not very instructive.

    If there are integer roots, they must be even divisors of 27: +/- 1, 3, 9 or 27.
    That is a consequence of the "rational roots theorem", which you should learn.

    One such root is -1, so x+1 is a factor.
    The other factor is
    = x^3 +3x^2 -9x -27
    (obtained with polynomial long division)
    x = 3 is clearly another root, so (x-3) is another factor. Divide the cubic by (x-3) and you get
    x^2 + 6x +9 = 0
    which can be factored to give
    (x+3)^2 = 0

    That means x = -3 is a double root.
    The roots are -3, +3 and -1

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