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ENG 365 Issues in Literature

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I have a summary paper to do that is suppose to be 8-10 pages. The problem that I am having is where to get started. This is what the teacher want us to do.

Relate your life in work, social responsibility, and/or individual responsibility to a literary work. What themes do you see in both? What shared experience can you discuss, and what meaning is there to them that can be applied to society at large?

It does not say if it has to be something we read for class or anything and my teacher has not emailed me back yet and this is due tonight by midnight so I really need help to get started and it is worth 450 points.

  • ENG 365 Issues in Literature -

    Think of something you've read, whether for class or not, that you identified with, or even thought, "I understand this. I felt like this when ... "

    There may be two or three things you've read that could fit. What are they?

  • ENG 365 Issues in Literature -

    That is kind of hard for me to do. Because I really only read urban fiction books unless it is something for school and once I read it and do the work I do not remember nothing about it because that is not what I am interested in reading.

  • ENG 365 Issues in Literature -

    Well, I suggest you go back over your reading list and find one. There's no way around this assignment, you know!

    When you go over your reading list, put each title in quotation marks and then into -- and read any summaries you find to help you remember what the story was about.

    Let us know when you come up with at least one.

  • ENG 365 Issues in Literature -

    The Use of Force is one that I remember a little bit about.

  • ENG 365 Issues in Literature -

    This one?

    Start doing some brainstorming by writing nonstop for about 10 minutes. Start with this sentence (or something similar):

    When I first began to read this story, I could really identify with ...

  • ENG 365 Issues in Literature -

    Yes that is the one.

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