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3 grade english

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when you read you can somethimes make a general statement, or generalization,about inividual ideas in the text.
a generalization tells how ideas are mostly alike or all alike.

directions read the following passage.

people of all ages can play basketball young children join sports clubs in their towns and learn how to dribble, pass,and shoot. many middle schools and most high schools have basketball teams. college basketball is popular in many states, especially in the midwest where winters are long and cold. in cities, "pick-up games" are a good way for adults to show off their basketball skill. even grandparents play basketball! it's a good all- around sport and a fun way to meet people.

directions complete the chart to answer the question and make a generalization. use the first sentence of the artical to help you.

what does the artical tell you about basketball?

1- young children learn

my son write is - how to dribble, pass, and shoot

2- middle and high schools have

my son write is - basketball teams

3- some grandparents play

my son write is - basketball


4- people of all ages

my son write is - can play basketball.

my son did all his work i want to he did right or not please read all top story and which is question 1 to 4 and my son put his answer next to so i want to now he is right or not please check everything thank you

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    I think 2, 3, and 4 are correct.

    Rethink #1 -- the missing punctuation at the beginning has misled him about what the first sentence is:
    People of all ages can play basketball. Young children join sports clubs in their towns and learn how to dribble, pass,and shoot.

    With the correct capitals and punctuation, have him re-think #1.

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    Yes, your son is right.

    The next time you post, please start your sentences with capital letters. They will make it easier for us to read your posts.

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  • 3 grade english -

    thank you every body for helping my son. ;)

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