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6th Math

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Don decided to do some landscaping in his backyard. He began by watering the lawn. The rotating sprinkler that he installed can spray an area with a radius of 7 feet.

What is the maximum area the sprinkler can cover?

a. 21.98 ft(2)
b. 28.26 ft(2)
c. 43.96 ft(2)
d. 153.86 ft(2)

I've been trying to figure it out but I have no clue how to solve this question, can anyone help me for that? Thanks!

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    So ... multiply pi by the square of the radius to get the area. Use 3.14 for pi.

    (7 x 7) x 3.14 = the area of this circle that the sprinkler can cover.

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    awesome!!! Thank you.

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    You're very welcome!

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