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What is the volume of a metal which weighs 28g less in kerosene and the densty is 800 kgm3 than it does in air

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    What do you mean by
    " 800 k/gm^3 than it does in air " ?

    The external fluid does not affect the density.

    Did you mean to write:
    "What is the volume of a metal which weighs 28g less in kerosene does in air, if the density of kerosene is 800 kg/m^3?

    That question can be answered.
    The metal will certainly sink to the bottom, and there will be an upward buoyancy force of (0.028 kg)*g = 0.274 N. This equals (kerosene density)*g*V, so
    V = 0.274/(800*9.8) = 3.5*10^-5 m^3 = 35 cm^3

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