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Calculus. I need help!

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i don't know which one is match. i tried those problem. i couldn't solve it

Find y' by implicit differentiation. Match the expressions defining y implicitly with the letters labeling the expressions for y'.
1. 7xsiny+2cos2y=2cosy
2. 7xcosy+2sin2y=2siny

a. 7cosy/7xsiny-4cos2y+2cosy

b. -(7siny/7xcos-4cos2y+2siny)

c. 7siny/4sin2y-xcosy-2siny

d. 7cosy/7xsiny+4sin2y+2cosy

  • Calculus. I need help! -

    7siny + 7xcosy*y' - 4sin2y*y' = -2siny*y'

    y' = 7siny/(-7xcosy + 4sin2y - 2siny)
    is there a typo in (b) or (c)?

    7cosy - 7xsiny*y' + 4cos2y*y' = 2cosy y'
    y' = 7cosy/(2cosy + 7xsiny - 4cos2y)
    = (a)

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