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A.) how would the equilibrium be affected give the following:
- increase in temperature
- increase in hydrogen concentration
- increase in reaction container of volume
B.) is equilibrium homogeneus or heterogeneus?
C.) what is equilibrium expression?
D.) the concentrations for the reactants and products are 0.05M, does the equilibrium favor the reactants or products????

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    And what do you think? Remember LeChatlier's Principle says, in simple terms, that a system in equilibrium will shift so as to undo what we do to it.
    So a hint or two. If T is increased, the reaction will move to use up the heat. That means it will move to the left since heat is produced if it moves to the right.
    Increase in H2 means it will try to use up the extra H2. How can it do that? By moving to the right to use it in the reaction.
    Do you know the difference between a homogeneous and a heterogeneous reaction?
    For D plug in the concns given to Keq and look at the number. What does it tell you?

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