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college algebra

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A magazine company had a profit of $98,000 per year when it had 32,000 subscribers. When it obtained 35,000 subscribers, it had a profit of $117,500. Assume that the profit P is a linear function of the number of subscribers s.

a.) Find the function P

b.) What will the profit be if the company has a total of 50,000 subscribers?

c.) What is the number of subscribers needed to break even?

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    sorry I will resubmit them. Thanks.

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    Melissa -- someone impersonated me in the post. I did not ask you to stop using Anonymous for your name.

    That person has been banned from posting on Jiskha!

    I'm sorry, but I don't know how to help you with your qnestion.

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    Thank you and sorry someone impersonated you.

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    call me 4 help

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