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Chemistry(Please check, thank you!!)

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For my rate of reaction experiment I have to answer the question "why did we ask you to measure the room termperature and temperature of reaction solutions".

For the experiment we used 5 flasks and we put one of them in an ice bath at 6-10 degrees C.

My answer is that we recorded the temps so that we could see how changing the temperature would affect the rate of reaction.

Does my answer make sense?

Also, the flask that was placed in the ice bath was suppose to have the longest reaction time but I am not sure why? Would this be because the cold caused the thiosulfate ions to be consumed more slowly??

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    That's true but you should include how the temperature affected the rate and which way the equilibrium shifted and how the color change tells you which way it shifted.

    When you heat the test tube the solution turned a dark purple/blue color. And when you take the test give out of the boiling hot water it begins to cool and turns back to its original color pink. And when you put the test tube in a ice bath, the test tube turned pink, and when you took it out of the ice bath it turned back to its original color. You need to then include whether it is exothermic or exothermic.

  • Chemistry(Please check, thank you!!) -

    The ice bath one would take longer because it takes more energy for the solution in the flask to form products thus, the activation energy is higher making the reactants need energy so it is endothermic.

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