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Calculus Find max and min and saddle

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Find and classify all local min and maxima and saddle points of the function f(x,y)=/3yx^2-3xy^2+36xy

I know there are 3 saddle points and one maxima.

This is what I got:
= 36xy-36(x+y-6)^2

But how do i solve for zero?? Im lost on this one. Please help me figure out these points??

  • Calculus Find max and min and saddle -

    First you'd have to find the local maxima/minima. If you have obtained the (four) points, then you can use the second derivative test to determine if each one is a maximum/minimum or saddle point.

    Have you found the critical points?

    (Unfortunately the definition of f(x,y) above does not seem to be complete.)

    Note:singular: maximum, plural: maxima.

  • Calculus Find max and min and saddle -

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