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I need help finding a chart/stat about how many students go for online education instead of face-to-face and the progress of it.

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    Your question is so vague and ambiguous that it's impossible to find your stats.

    Are you talking about college education?

    Full or part time?

    How do you define "progress?"

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    I mean college education and courses online, if its benefited students more with the online courses instead of face to face.

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    Many college students take one or two courses online but take most of their classes are face-to-face.

    How do you define "benefited?" Are you asking about how many get jobs in their field after they finish their courses?

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    How many of these people that do online college course get greater opportunities pertaining to their future.

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    I want to prove how the online educational courses offer much more than the actual ones. How the online courses are simpler and have more room.

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    I suggest you concentrate on finding statistics about the jobs that graduates of online classes get in their fields. Compare those stats with those of graduates of brick and mortar schools.

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    You haven't answered Ms. Sue's questions.

    Are you going to limit your research to students who take online courses full-time?

    ... part-time?

    ... one or two classes online, and then all the rest in real classrooms?

    You haven't narrowed this down to anything searchable ... and I don't know if you will.

    My grandson is a freshman in college this year. He took one online class last summer to qualify for a particular class during fall semester. He took four courses during fall semester on campus, and he's taking six courses this semester on campus. This summer he will take two or three courses online.

    I don't think he's unusual ... and I think you'll have a hard time conducting this research because you haven't narrowed your parameters enough.

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