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thanks for helping write teacher. i fix again my sentences and can you please look at it again. ty

John Cervantes
Beth Braun
February 27, 2012
Blue Gold - World Water Wars

10 key things about the movie Blue Gold - World Water Wars

1. Water is the source of life. We all depend on it. Water is important, and we cannot survive a week without it.

2. Water should be free; it is a basic need for living. We should not consider buying bottled water.

3. Over 60% of wetlands in the world have been destroyed in the past hundreds of years.
Farmers use chemical to increase farming productivity but it pollutes water from the ground. Automobiles release toxins that pollute the clouds.

4. The world is deserting; we are running out of water. This can cause of changes of the earth’s structure which causes earthquakes and potentially a tsunami.

5. People prefer to live in the city than in country side and the number of people in the city grows every day. Clearly, that there is more unpaved than paved land in the world. According to a hydrologist, he said that in 50 years from now there will be a collapse of the planets water structure because how badly we treat water.

6. Private companies like nestle started to sell bottled water. The comparison of price of bottled water compare to tap water is really significant. Bottled water is not healthier than tap water but it is just a healthy alternative because it’s easy to access and it’s been sterilized.

7. Some countries like India are struggling to have access with water. If they don’t have money they will die by not having to afford water. This problem forms a conflict to the people which results killing one another.

8. Greedy companies start to treat water like oil. They will sell water in different parts of the world. They don’t care if all of the water that comes from that lake or sea will run out all because all they want is make money.

9. The best way to fight privatization of water is to ensure that we need to make sure that we have enough water in our home so that the demand of water in market will be lessen.

10. Water is important and people take it for granted. We can help to conserve water in many simple ways. We can do this by using low flow of water when using shower, turn off the water in the sink when brushing or shaving, and so on.

  • English -

    One group of sentences at a time, please.

    3. Over 60% of the wetlands in the world have been destroyed in the past hundreds of years.

    Farmers use chemicals to increase farming productivity, but the chemicals pollute the water when it percolates to the water tables under the ground. Automobiles release toxins that pollute the clouds.

    Now work on #4. Read it aloud to someone or have someone read it to you. There are some word combinations there that don't fit together.

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