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I left out the following sentences on phrasal verbs. Thank you.

1) She was a spy and gave away secret information during the war.
You'd better revise (go through is a synonym?) your maths notes before tomorrow's test.
2) The police is (are) going through his suitacases carefully to see if they contain any drug. (they are checking them for drug).
3) The police are looking into the disappearance of the girl. They are investigating the disappearance of the girl.
4) The shop keeper in vane rane after the shop lifter.
Some students are taken on for fruit-picking inthe summer.
Take down all what your teacher explains to you.
5) The lights went off/out all of a sudden.
The candle/the pipe went out (off is a mistake?)

  • English -

    1. "go through" = review
    edit and proofread = revise

    2. police are ...

    3. The shopkeeper ran in vain after the shoplifter.

    ... in the summer.

    ... all of what ...

    5. The candle went out ... = OK
    (What kind of pipe? One a man might smoke? Or part of the plumbing?)

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