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Writeacher, could you please check these sentences on the same theme? Thank you.

1) He always sneezes, blows his nose, and can't breathe.
I tripped over a step. I fell off and sprained my ankle.
2) I cleaned the wound (or injury???) under running water,I sprayed a disinfectant, and I put a dressing (bandage) over it.
3) The nurse took my temperature and prescribed total bed rest for two days.
She prescribed I should lie in bed for two days.
I lay in bed with a bad flu for two days.
4) They cut off the gas, light and phone supplies because we failed to pay the bills (I need your help to include three different sentences)
The teacher cut me out (of the reading activity) because I failed to bring my book to class.
5) They gave away free glasses with the wine.

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    2. "wound" is correct. Put semicolons in place of the commas.

    3. She said I should ...
    ... with a bad case of flu ...

    4. ... gas, light, and phone services ...
    They disconnected our gas, electricity, and telephone services because we hadn't paid our bills.

    They cut off our gas, light, and phone because we didn't pay the bills.

    The teacher said I couldn't participate in the reading activity because I didn't have my book.

    The rest is OK.

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