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These are the ones I'm not 100% sure about Ive looked it up in the book and I just not sure please help me.
1.One advantage of topic outlines is that they provide
A. topic sentences for your paragraphs.
B. new ideas for your outline.
C. internal headings for your document.
D. more precise ideas.
I think C

2.Which one of the following sentences contains a misplaced or dangling modifier?
A. Assemble the product in a well-lighted place.
B. With three children, a job, and school, my wife has little spare time.
C. When prepared correctly, the garden spot should need no further fertilizing.
D. Walking down Main Street, the cramp in my foot got worse.
I think C or D

3. Technical instructions are almost always written for
A. technicians and line workers.
B. middle managers and supervisors.
C. people who purchase the machinery.
D. people who need to evaluate the machinery’s efficiency.
I think A

4.What is the main advantage of sentence outlines?
A. They are easier to write than topic outlines.
B. They supply you with internal headings.
C. They can be used in your table of contents.
D. They supply you with topic sentences for your paragraphs.
I think A

5. The main difference between technical descriptions and literary descriptions is that
technical descriptions lack
A. details. C. irrelevant information.
B. emotional appeal. D. interest.
I think D

6.Status reports are distinguished from progress reports primarily by their focus on the
A. absenteeism of personnel. C. solution to a problem.
B. description of an investigation. D. present conditions.
I think D

7.Unlike most reports, informal and formal proposals must
A. be logical.
B. clearly organize all information.
C. persuade readers toward the writer’s point of view.
D. present a solution to a problem.
I think A

8.Which one of the following statements shows appropriate netiquette?
B. “Don’t know when you’ll get around to this since you never seem to be in the office.”
C. Including a specific subject line
D. Sending an e-mail of five monitor screens
I think A

9.Suppose you’re writing a description of an object or a process. How many pararaphs
should you include in your introduction?
A. One C. Three
B. Two D. As many as you choose
I think A or B

10.To make your writing concrete and specific, you should use
A. words that encompass many meanings.
B. facts and figures wherever possible.
C. words that are emotional and therefore “real.”
D. as few words as possible.
I think A

11.An effectively written sentence usually
A. starts with it is or there are to keep the beginnings similar.
B. includes passive construction that makes sentences direct.
C. ends with a direct object to provide readers with closure.
D. uses active voice with a clear subject and verb.
I think D

12.The best way to ensure that you use words correctly is to
A. use only simple words that you understand completely.
B. look up unfamiliar or difficult words every time you’re in doubt.
C. invest in a pocket dictionary.
D. hire a secretary.
I think B

13. What can you do to increase the chances your technical article will be considered for publication?
A. Include in your cover letter how much time it took you to write the article.
B. Offer the editor a commentary on what you found helpful in the publication.
C. Include borders and artwork on your manuscript.
D. Review recent issues of the publication.
I think B

  • Business And Technical Writing-Proposals and Speci -

    I agree with you on these:

    3, 6, 11, 12

  • Business And Technical Writing-Proposals and Speci -

    If this is a Pennfoster Exam, this class has the students working with 5 booklets for a 30 question exam.

  • Business And Technical Writing-Proposals and Speci -

    These are for Penn Foster ; I'm working on them right now. I'm having trouble as well though. It takes the instructors forever to answer.

  • Business And Technical Writing-Proposals and Speci -

    Unlike memos, letters include

  • Business And Technical Writing-Proposals and Speci -

    1. D. someone within the company
    2. a. wrong
    3. C. One paragraph describes several different parts
    4. C wrong
    5. A formal report
    6. A. signature above
    7. C. wrong
    8. C common knowledge
    9. D. Walking down the main street,
    10. B. currently being done but not yet completed
    11. a. technicians and line workers
    12. b are writing to someone familiar with it.
    13. c wrong
    14. a. get a quick overview of your report
    15. they supply you with topic sentences for your paragraphs
    16. c. all internal headings
    17. emotional appeal
    18. d the opinions of your coworkers
    19. d. present conditions
    20. c. persuade readers toward the writers point of view
    21. c. including specific subject line
    22. a. one
    23. D. Wrong
    24. B. included an illustration
    25 c. interesting to you
    26. D. Consistently short sentences and paragraphs
    27. D. uses active voice and a clear subject and verb
    28. C. wrong
    29. a in the first sentence
    30. D review recent isseus of the publication

    I passed with an 80%

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