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college chemistry

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A solution is made by adding 0.100 mole of ethyl ether to 0.841 mole of ethyl alcohol. If the vapor pressure of ethyl ether and ethyl alcohol at 20oC are 375 torr and 20.0 torr, respectively, the vapor pressure of the solution at 20oC (assuming ideal behavior) is:

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    Before I forget it, did you get the problem of toluene and benzene, in which the problem asked for X of one of them IN THE SOLUTION, worked? I can do that one if you post it.

    moles ether = ?
    moles EtOH = ?
    Xether = nether/total mols.
    XEtOH = nEtOH/total mols.

    pether = Xether*Poether
    pEtOH = XEtOH*PoEtOH
    Then total vapor pressure = pethr + pEtOH.

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