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We had to write a conversation in Spanish between a clerk and me wanting to buy pants I wanted them to be loose and I had to pay in cash Could you please check
La dependienta: ¿En qué puedo servirle señor?
La clienta: Busco los pantalones negro pero estos son muy apretados.
La dependienta: ¿Qué talla usa?
La clienta: Uso la talla treinta y cuatro.(I’m trying to say size 34)-
La dependienta: Hay la talla
La clienta: Quiero tratar de los pantalones.
La clienta: Son perfecto. Los pantalones están flojas.
¿Cuánto cuestan los pantalones?should I use cuesta or cuestan?
La dependienta: Cuesta setecientos pesos.
La dependienta: ¿Cómo va a pagar?
La clieneta: Pago en efectivo.
la dependieta: Muchas gracias
La clienta: Muchas gracias

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    I'll email this to SraJMcGin.

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    Thank you for doing that

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    If it is "la clienta" the address would be "Señora" or "Señorita" but not "Señor" so I'd put "el cliente" where you have "la clienta."

    los pantalones negros (the "specific" black pants) so I'd say "unos pantalones negros" = SOME black pants. Because the noun (pantalones) is masculine plural, the adjective (negros) must also be plural and masculine.

    estos pantalones (adjective) BUT éstos (as the pronoun standing in for both words)

    "Hay la talla" might better be: "Aquí hay esa talla" = Here is that size

    "to try on" clothes = probarse, so here: Quiero probarme los pantalones.

    Son perfectos. (adjective has same number-singular/plural and gender-masculine/feminine) as the noun modified

    están = they seem BUT son = they are

    cuestan (in both cases) because the subject (los pantalones) is plural

    The response to "Muchas Gracias" is "you're welcome" = De nada (OR no hay de qué)

    Note the type of errors you made, so you won't make them again! :)


  • Spanish-Please check -

    Thank you very much for correcting this-we're just learning this and I never thought it would be so difficult to do a conversation-thank you again

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