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Using the databases listed within the Ashford Online Library you will evaluate a research-based article from a peer reviewed journal. Your critique must be grammatically correct, properly cited, and utilize APA style of writing.

Choose one of the following topics that can be related to providing quality Physical Education at the elementary school level:

Childhood obesity
Budget constraints
Family / home environment
Teaching methods
Assessment / Evaluation
You should begin by reading the entire article all the way through. Next, read the article again and highlight or make note of the following information: 1. What questions are being asked or addressed? 2. Does the information support the need for quality physical education? How? 3. Who are the participants? 4. What methods were used? and 5. What were the results?

After taking notes, you should be able to summarize what the article was about. This is how you should start your critique. Next you will include some of the information that you made notes on and include pertinent quotations from the article. You can tie it all together with your own personal thoughts on the article and subject.

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