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The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in solution and in the presence of iodide ion was studied in laboratory, and the following mechanism proposed based on the experimental data.
H2O2 + I - = H2O + IO - (slow)
H2O2 + IO - = H2O + O2 + I - (fast)

Which one of the following statements is false?
a. The reaction is first order with respect to H2O2.
b. The reaction is first order with respect to I -
c. I - is a catalyst.
d. IO - is an intermediate.
e. More than one statement is false (or none of the statements are false).

I think its E (none are false)

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    I think it is b. From the wording of the question, it appears to me that I^- is a catalyst. If that is true, the concn I^- will not matter.

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