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Could you please check these phrasal verbs i'm unsure of? thank you.

1) They are cutting off the water/gas supply tomorrow.
The chairman cut him out of the discussion.
2) The light went off (out is possible?) all of a sudden.
Can you switch off /put out the light, please?
3) Put out the cigarette,will you?
He put me up for the night.
If someone let you stay at his/her house for a longer period, what do you say?
4) I was run over by a lorry while I was crossing the street on the zebra crossing.
5) I was run down/knocked down by a motorbike.

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    1, 2, and 5 are fine.

    3. space after comma
    (If you let someone stay with you longer than one or two nights, you simply say you're staying with him -- or staying at his house/apartment/wherever.)

    4. The phrasal verb is fine, but how can you rephrase this so "crossing" doesn't show up in the sentence twice?

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