Physical Education

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1. Aerobic activities can be done for an extended period of time and supply oxygen to your muscles. Such
activities help develop _______________________.

2. You can change your _______________________ by exercising regularly and eating healthfully.

3. The _______________________ is an organization that enables and encourages people with learning
disabilities to become physically fit.

4. Despite the fact that people who have _______________________ may experience tightness in the
chest and coughing during exercise, physical activity is part of their treatment plan.

These are questions on a online school program, but the answers are in a video, which I'm not allowed to watch due to a bandwith limit. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Physical Education -

    Please discuss this with your online teacher.

  • Physical Education -

    That's the thing, the program doesn't /have/ an online teacher.

  • Physical Education -

    If you cannot access the video, you or your parents need to contact someone at the school and get your money back. Then arrange to take the course differently.

  • Physical Education -

    I have the ability to watch it, I'm just not allowed to because we have a bandwith limit.

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