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Henry is an avid animal lover. He always takes in strays and donates his local animal shelter. One night he goes to an Atlanta Braves baseball game where hundreds of people are walking past the hotdog vendors. Henry sees a young, pregnant homeless, malnourished dog begging for hotdogs from one of the vendors. But Henry keeps on walking. Irving Janis would explain this animal lover's lack of intervention on this occasion as most likely to:
a. Henry's lasck of attention, because of the game
b. the large number of people in the crowd who are available to help
c. Henry's desire to confirm to the crowd, none of whom are intervening
d. Henry's concern about what others will think of him if he intervenes
My answer is B

2. The learning psychological perspective is concerned with:
a. cognitive thoughts that might affect a person's actions,feelings and choices
b. what rewards or punishments exist that might support or discourage specific behaviors
c. how unresolved, uncounscious conflicts might impact behavior and feelings
d. how bodily events might influence behaviors, feelings and thoughts.
My answer is D
Can someone help me to obtain the correct choice?

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    1. Right.

    2. Which learning perspective are you talking about? a.Cognitive? b. Behavioral? c. Psychoanalytic? d. Physiological?

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    I am not sure. The question in my text books doesn't specify that's why I am having trouble choosing the correct answer.

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