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Class scores: Write a program that calculates the total grade for N classroom exercises as a percentage. The user should input the value for N followed by each of the N scores and totals. Calculate the overall percentage (sum of the total points earned divided by the total points possible) and output it as a percentage. sample input (in bold) and output (in italics) is shown below.

How many exercises to input? 3

Score received for exercise 1:  10
Total points possible for exercise 1:  10

Score received for exercise 2:  7
Total points possible for exercise 2:  12

Score received for exercise 3:  5
Total points possible for exercise 3:  8

Your total is 22 out of 30, or 73.33%.

Input Details: The input will consist of an initial integer (let's refer to it as N) followed by N pairs of integers, all responses to program prompts.

Output Details: The program uses the prompts and labels shown in the example above.

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