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Display the final answer in correct scientific notation and show correct number of significant figures in the final answer:

6.0223010000 x 10-24 x 2.222090001 x 10-30

I get this far and then get stuck:
13.3820948351123 x 10 -54

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    You have 11 significant figures in the 6.022 number and 10 in the other one. The rule in multiplication and division allows you to have the less of the two; therefore, count the first 10 digits in the answer and that x 10^-54 will be the number. The 11th number is a 5; I would round the 3 to a 4.

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    Thank you so much....I just wasn't sure if I needed to do one more step or not. So the significant figure in the answer would be 10 and the answer would be 13.38209484 x 10 -54!Correct?

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    That's what I think.

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