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A manufacturer of cell phones has decided that an assembly line will be considered to be operating satisfactorily if less than 0.02% of the phones produced per day are defective. To check the quality of a day's production, the company decides to randomly sample 40 phones from the day's production to test for defects. Three of the phones in the sample are defective.

a) Identify the population and the sample.
Is the parmaeter in the study known or unknown .. Explain

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    THIS WAS MY ANSWER a)Identify the population and the sample.
    N (population) is ALL phones produced per day
    n (sample) is 40 random phones from the day’s production

    b) Is the population parameter in this study known or unknown? Explain.
    UNKNOWN - Parameter is the numerical summary of the population. The population is the number off ALL phones only the sample number is stated 40.

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