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Beaufort Scale and Wind Effects

0 Smoke rises vertically
1 Smoke shows wind direction
2 Wind felt on face
3 Leaves move, flags extend
4 Paper, small branches move
5 Small trees sway, flags beat
6 Large branches sway, flags beat
7 Large branches sway, walking is difficult
8 Twigs break, walking is hindered
9 Slight roof damage
10 Severe damage, trees uprooted
11 Widespread damage
12 Devastation

The Beaufort scale was devised by Frances Beaufort in 1805 to measure wind speeds. The scale is numbered from 0 to 12, and represents wind speeds in the open, 33 feet above ground. The Beaufort scale, B, can be modeled by the function

where x is the speed of the wind in miles per hour.
Sketch the graph of this function.

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