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Here is the second exercise I'd like you to check. Thank you, Writeacher.

1.I am used to (read) __(reading)________till late. 2. The manager would like (speak) _(to speak)_________ to his secretary. 3. I remember (go) ___going_______ to primary school by bus.4. The policeman caught the woman (steal) __stealing________ 5. I heard him (play) __playing________ the piano. 6. The teacher made us (repeat) ____repeat______ the exercise.7. They decided (meet) ___to meet_______ the following week. 8. I found him (read) ____reading______ a book.9. I used (eat)___to eat_______ biscuits every day when I was a child. 10. The children admitted (break) __breaking________ the window. 12. My hair requires ___washing_______ (wash).

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    All are fine.

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