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Liquid helium is stored at its boiling point temperature of 4.2K in a shperical container(r=0.30m).The container is a perfect blackbody radiator.The container is surrounede by a sherical shield whose temperature is 77k.A vacuum exists in the space between the container and the shield.The latent heat of vaporization for helium is 2.1X10000.What mass of liquid helium boils away thruogh a venting valve in one hour?

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    First you get to know the surface area of a sphere, that is A=4*pi*r^2

    All the info listed down:
    Emissivity,e=1 (blackbody has a good emissivity)
    Temperature, T2=77K T1=4.2K
    Latent heat of vaporization,L=2.1*10^4 J/kg

    First, use the Steven-Boltzman Rule,
    Thus, we get
    P=2.254 J/s

    Then as we found Power,and time=3600sec
    Substitute into the formula, Q=Pt
    Thus, we get
    Q=2.254*3600 =8115.16Joule

    Refer to the question the Latent heat is given, we calculate for the mass with the formula, Q=mL
    m=Q/L =8115.16/(2.1*10^4) =0.386kg

    hope i do get it right. :)

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    thx dude

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