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Oceans receive freshwater from precipitation and rivers. Yet ocean level do not change very much from these actions. Why are ocean level not greatly affected?
a) Water is constantly seeping underground in the ocean; B)Water is constantly evaporating over the ocean's surface; c) Water is constantly flowing back into rivers from the oceans; d) Water is constantly deposited back on land through ocean wave action.

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    I don't like any of the answers but the best of the choices I think is b. I think the most logical answer is that the SIZE of the oceans means it can rain a lot, evaporate a lot, gain fresh water from streams (a lot) but the huge size means the level changes little.

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    B)Water is constantly evaporating over the ocean surface especially at the equator due to no seasonal loss in sun intensity.

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    B: water is constintly evaporating over the ocean's surface.

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    B: it's also very funny because I had this same question on a science quiz {exact}

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    I know me too.

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    water is constantly seeping into the ocean floor

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