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Ms. Sue having loads of trouble here could you please help me? Actually Mohammad and I just went on the site Animoto and it won't let us put full sentences. Maximum letter count is 30.

Exactly how do I shorten this sentence?

Jake draws himself away from everyone and thinks negatively about all relationships. He believes that his parents don’t perceive him well.

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    Even spaces count as letters.

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    I just wrote ( Jake draws away from family) is that fine?

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    Jake draws away from everyone.

    Relationships aren't important.

    He doesn't like his parents.

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    Thanks a lot Ms. Sue =)

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    You're welcome, Aaron.

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    Ms. Sue how am I supposed to shorten down the quotes? I can't do that otherwise they won't be considered quotes.

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    A quote can be any length. Pick out the most important words. You can show any words you leave out in the middle by using three dots . . .

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    I don't get how to make this smaller.

    “It’s me, she said. Mother. I was almost glad to hear her, But something must be wrong. She never phoned me.” On the telephone, Jake felt some affection for his mom.

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    "She (Mother) never phoned me.”

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    Thanks Ms. Sue for my header I used - Telephone Affection. Is that fine?

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