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What happens to the solubility of oxygen gas (O2) in water in each situation?

a. The pressure of O2 over the solution is decreased.

solubility decreases

solubility remains the same

solubility increases

b. The temperature is decreased.

solubility remains the same

solubility increases

solubility decreases

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    is b solubility increases

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    is a. solubility decreases

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    nevermind b should be solubilty decreases right

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    Most gases are more soluble at higher pressures. Most gases are more soluble at low T.
    Think of the carbonated beverages. When you open the cap gas rushes out. That's because you have decreased the pressure of the gas from whatever it is in the bottle to 1 atm outside the bottle. And we serve carbonated beverages cold rather than hot; CO2 is more soluble in the cold.

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