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ms. sue u please erase my post here also? one i wrote my essay in.

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    thanks ms. sue :)

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    ms. sue how many slide u think i need for my essay?

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    Didn't you originally say 10? What does your teacher recommend?

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    yeah i think that many slides well she say it be like alteast 2-3 mins long. Also for title i say 'realization' Aaron ask you for what title he put his. we both put this on second slide cause our first slide have picture. our second slide we put lonliness picture and for that i put title as realization.

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    Sounds good to me.

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    thanks ms. sue :) what small 2-3 sentence i put under title realization?

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    also ms. sue u know any movie clip where dad save his daughter from river? any clips that have reference with book?

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    What do you want to say about "realization" and loneliness?

    You might find one of these video clips you can use.


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    i want to say that well i not know if i supposed to write description of jake story or message i want to give out to everyone. thanks for video clips ms. sue :)

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    Ask your teacher about what to include in this description.

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    okay thanks ms. sue :)

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    You're welcome, Mohammad.

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