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¿Cómo son las monedas de pesos mexicanos?We had to do a reading and type the answers-not sure about this question
Hay monedas de un peso, cinco pesos, diez pesos y de centavos.
¿En cuáles países se usa el dólar estadounidense?
Panamá y Puerto Rico y Ecuador se usa el dólar estadouindense.
¿El peso es igual en todos los países donde se usa el peso?
El peso no es igual en todos los países donde se usa el peso.I couldn't number them because the system wouldn't take it-we had to answer the questions based on the reading

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    I'll send this to SraJMcGin.

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    It's always a good idea to number each question/answer you do, so we are both looking at the same one.

    1. This IS what the questin required.

    2. Note the first word "En?" You need it in the answer = En Panamá, Puerto Rico y el Ecuador (el is usually used with the country of Ecuador), etc.

    3. Perfect.

    Thanks for telling me that you couldn't number them!

    Good job, Audrey.


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    The question must be: 1 ¿Cuáles son las monedas de curso mexicanas de pesos?
    De 1, 2, 5 y 10 pesos.

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    Thank you SraJ McGin for answering and checking them

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