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Hi Ms. Sue I’m Aaron and I’m Mohammad’s friend, I helped Mohammad edit his, and I’m also doing a theme on the story “A few notes for Orpheus” and could gladly use your help. As Mohammad had pointed out before that the title is a musical tribute to Orpheus, and I got ideas from others on this, and this is what they told me.

Jake realizes that his dad was not against him, his dad’s personality was just like this, it was his style. Jake started dropping his relationships. The story A few notes for Orpheus is a gift tribute to Orpheus for living his life full of passion, doing anything. Jake realizes in the end that he lived his life wrong, and could have lived it passionately with people. This story is a statue is honour of Orpheus myth.

^ What theme could I possibly grab out from there. There is more than one theme in this story, but what theme would represent us appreciating the way Orpheus lived his life?

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    Jake shows that he could take a chance by visiting his father and attempting to understand his mother. His rescue of his daughter shows that he can take positive action and look ahead. He feels ambiguity near the end when he wonders whether to turn his phone off or on.

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    Aaron -- I'm glad Mohammad referred you to us. And -- hi!

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    Thanks so much Ms. Sue I will definitely add that to my essay which I'm working on. So then the theme would be --Take positive action and look ahead-- And nice to meet you Ms. Sue :) I will post my essay as soon as I'm finished writing it, and if you could also drop it to 100 words like you did to Mohammad's then would really appreciate that :)

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    You're welcome.

    A final thought -- After the final death of Eurydice, Orpheus turned away from the company of people and eventually was killed.

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