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So, they give me a word equation, where I am suppose to try and create a balanced equation for it.

Ammonium phosphate and barium hydroxide react to form ammonium hydroxide and barium phosphate.
2(NH4)3PO4 + 3BaOH2 → 6NH4OH + Ba3(PO4)2
[I was thinking there should be parenthesis in the OH on the reaction part of the equation)

Lead (II) nitrate decomposes to lead (II) oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and oxygen gas.
2Pb(NO2)2 → 2PbO + 4NO2 + O2
2Pb(NO3)2 → 2PbO2 + 4NO2 + O2
[I can't seem to figure out which one is right. I think I did them both correctly.]

aluminum and iron (III) oxide to produce aluminum oxide and iron metal.
Al + FeO → Fe + AlO

sodium chloride, sulfur dioxide gas, steam, and oxygen gas to produce sodium sulfate and hydrogen chloride gas.
4NaCl + 2SO2 + 2H2O + O2 → 2Na2SO3 + 4HCl
NaCl + SO2 + 2H2O + O2 → Na2SO4 + 4HCl

sulfur dioxide gas and liquid hydrogen fluoride to give sulfur tetrafluoride gas and water.
SO2 + HF → SF4 + H2O
[I have NO IDEA what I am doing on this one]

Any help would be great! I think I'm getting the hang of it, but then again they could all be wrong.

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    On #1 you're right. It's Ba(OH)2.
    On #2, lead nitrate is Pb(NO3)2. You wrote lead nitrite.
    On #3,
    2Al + Fe2O3 ==> 2Fe + Al2O3

    #4 is not balanced in either proposal. I'm not sure it can be balanced. You have and excess of O2 on the left and it will balance it you remove it from your equation #1.

    #5. What's the problem?
    SO2 + 4HF ==> SF4 + 2H2O

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    So for #2 it should be 2Pb(NO3)2 → 2PbO2 + 4NO2 + O2

    #4, maybe instead of SO3 on the products side, it should be SO4?
    So, 4NaCl + 2SO2 + 2H2O + O2 → 2Na2SO4 + 4HCl

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