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Thank you very much. Here is a summary I need to prepare for tomorrow. I also need to rephrase the last sentence. Thank you very much, Writeacher!

1) Though Craig Jones is an office worker, he is also a talented singer who dreams of becoming a star.
2) He has already won a local talent contest and today he is auditioning for the UK’s biggest TV talent contest. He has been waiting outside for two hours with thousands of hopefuls (synonym?).
3) TV talent shows have changed people’s ideas about work and fame. One in every six people really believe that they won’t need to work hard to reach fame.
4) For this reason, talent shows can have a bad influence on young people.
As a matter of fact, X Factor winners still haven’t had experience of the music business when they become famous and sign a contract.
5) Critics believe that talent shows are simply big advertisements which create publicity for the winning act and song. Though the song goes to Number 1, the winner can’t often repeat the success of his first hit from the show.
6) For the producers, that doesn’t matter because people haven’t lost interest in the show’s format yet, and the next disposable stat is already in a queue outside a TV studio somewhere. (I need to rephrase the last sentence).

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    Add commas wherever they're needed and then repost -- the four or fewer that you truly question.

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