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I need some help with some of these questions:

The action of bacteria on meat and fish produces a poisonous compound called cadaverine. As its name implies, it stinks! It is 58.77 percent carbon, 13.81 percent hydrogen, and 27.40 percent nitrogen. Its molecular weight is 102.2 g/mol. Determine the molecular formula.

Calculate the empirical formula for a chemical compound that gives the following analysis: 65.2 g scandium and 34.8 g oxygen.

A certain compound has an empirical formula of NH2O. Its molar mass is between 55 and 65 g/mol. What is its molecular formula?

compound has a molar mass of 100 g/mol and the percent composition (by mass) of 65.45 percent C, 5.45 percent H, and 29.09 percent O. Determine the empirical formula and the molecular formula.

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